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Catholic Pilgrimages

Pilgrimage: a journey to a sacred place or shrine.
A long journey or search, especially one of exalted purpose or moral significance.

Hello Friends,

I would like to invite you (up to 4 Catholic couples) to join my 13-day Following the Irish Saints Pilgrimage to Ireland at the end of May 2018. The dates are not confirmed yet until I know we have a group set. I was just in Ireland a month ago and the weather was gorgeous. Mid 70s and sunny for the majority of the vacation. The flowers were blooming and the lambs were still young and jumping around. It is a great time of year to go. There are not many tourists yet and the weather is usually nice.


If Ireland isn’t on your radar for a pilgrimage destination I promise it will a memorable experience for everyone as Ireland has so much to offer in their sacred sites and Irish hospitality. Christianity has such a great foundation in Ireland. I have attached a sample itinerary. This is a pilgrimage experience that I have personally created. Please review the attached materials. As soon as I have deposits and dates from at least 3 couples I will move forward with the planning and confirm the schedule.


Please feel free to forward this information to any couples that you think may be interested or invite a couple to join you.


Pricing on flyer ($2,000.00**) is approximate most likely over estimated.

Consider that this pricing is for a 13-day slow paced, insightful tour versus those 10-day, jam packed published tours listed at $3,550.00 or more with 50 other people. 

Deposits will be due in September 2017. All deposits will be refunded if tour is not filled.

**Cost & schedule subject to change. Exchange rate $1.20/€1.00
**Does not include airfare ($1,000-$1,200) or meals not listed ($300-$350)

Dennis Gaetano/Twin Cities Pilgrims
Tel# 952-356-9455
Fax# 952-892-5158