All Saints Catholic Church

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 Parish Reconciliation Service Wed., Dec. 13 - 2-8 pm. Many priests available. Weekend & Holy Day Mass homilies are available for you online.


Date Correction! Misprint in Newsletter. Blessing of the Bambinos will take place Dec. 16/17.


Persons attending the 4:00 and 4:15pm Masses at All Saints are welcome to park in the east half of the Cub Foods lot at Heritage Commons. If this area becomes full, additional space is available in the remainder of the Cub lot as well as in the lot near the beauty school and adjoining businesses.

Shuttle transportation between the Cub Foods parking lot and All Saints will run beginning at 3:00pm until buses are no longer needed. The buses will become available for return trips to the Cub Foods lot beginning at 4:45pm until approximately 5:45pm. A designated loading area will be located along the sidewalk that runs east from the Cub Foods store. Look for signs on the sidewalk. Please note: the practice of “saving Seats’ for the 4:00pm Christmas Eve Mass will not be honored after 3:45pm.


In order to make your departure from the parking lot safer and smoother (and to increase the exercise of Christian charity), please cooperate with the signs asking you to turn south only – that is, right – if you are leaving via the south driveway, and turn north only – that is, left – if you are leaving via the north driveway. (Christmas Eve ONLY: “Lakeville Police Officers – if available – will be stationed at the ends of the driveways to assist.”) Thank you very much.

1st Sunday/Fr. Chad


When Christmas Eve and the Fourth Sunday of Advent coincide (once a decade or so) there are understandable questions that arise about fulfilling our Lord’s Day commitment. Christmas Masses begin at 4:00 on Christmas Eve. Masses prior to that (and the evening before) are for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, a rich celebration in itself preparing us for Christmas. Morning Masses on December 24 will be for the Fourth Sunday of Advent. Evening Masses will be for Christmas. When the vigil Mass (Saturday evening) was established shortly after Vatican II, it was done so primarily to assist those who had difficulty honoring a Sunday commitment because of necessary work obligations, and was not intended to create a “loophole” for Mass attendance on occasions this. The richness of our life of faith in our liturgical tradition gives us the gift of celebrating the whole of the Paschal Mystery, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, not just parts of it. While it may be tempting for convenience sake to celebrate Christmas on the morning of December 24, it does not begin until the evening, and the morning will not be a Christmas Mass. The Fourth Sunday of Advent Mass is not a Christmas celebration even if it is very close to the time. Rejoice in the gift of celebrating the whole journey of preparing for Jesus’ birth by planning to attend BOTH the Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Masses.