All Saints Catholic Church

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It's Advent. WATCH!   Parish Reconciliation Service Wed., Dec. 13 - 2-8 pm. Many priests available. Weekend & Holy Day Mass homilies are available for you online.
Parish Life 2017 » Sharing & Receiving

Sharing & Receiving

All Saints is a place where ideas, prayer, food, time, fun can not only be shared, but received!

One day you decide to join us for a meal; another you decide to stay on and help with the dishes.

A month later you find yourself in need of prayers for your son; soon after, you see an opportunity to bring words of comfort to the grieving widow sitting alone at Mass.

There are days you feel like getting your hands dirty in the garden; and other days it's all you can do to just smell the roses.

And on it goes.

Webster defines this ebb and flow as reciprocity, a mutual exchange.

Reciprocity, this taking and giving,
is a beautiful grace & gift within the life of this church.

We invite you into the experience.