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The Pastor's Pen


May 26, 2017


  Fr. Chad VanHoose

I am pleased to have official word that Archbishop Hebda has appointed Fr. Chad VanHoose and Fr. Tim Wratkowski, both to be ordained tomorrow, to All Saints. Before we get too far, Fr. VanHoose is our “replacement” for Fr. Milless, while Fr. Wratkowski, who studied at the North American College in Rome, will be assigned here for the summer and return to Rome in the fall to complete his advanced degree. We are grateful to have a house full of priests this summer and look forward to more priest presence in the community than we are normally able to accommodate. Both will be here on June 14.


Fr. VanHoose is very familiar with All Saints, as he was a supervisor at NET prior to entering the seminary. One of his duties was supervising the parish team here at All Saints for a couple of years. He is a native of southern Ohio and went to Eastern Kentucky University and majored in nursing. His immediate family currently reside in Cincinnati.  He migrated to the Twin Cities through NET and has made this his adopted home. He is a member of the Companions of Christ, as is Fr. Milless and Fr. Kelly. He is very excited to be at All Saints and will do great things with us here. Hopefully, he will be able to make a visit to the parish sometime next week and meet as many of the staff as possible.


Fr. Wratkowski is from Minneapolis and went to St. Charles and Totino-Grace High School. After graduating from St. Thomas and St. John Vianney College Seminary, he was assigned to study in Rome, where he was while I was on sabbatical. He was very gracious in showing me the ropes around North American College. He will be with us through the summer, taking a regular rotation in preaching, spending some time with our youth activities, visiting the sick and other pastoral duties. He will return to Rome in early September.


Please join me in welcoming both of our newly ordained priests to All Saints when they make their visit next week.


Fr. Thomas Wilson, Pastor


All Saints Catholic Church

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