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Blessing of the Bambinos this weekend. Bring in your baby Jesus to be blessed at Mass. Weekend & Holy Day Mass homilies are available for you online.
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Conversation Starters

Family Conversation Starters


Second Sunday of Advent - December 10th:

Share about the Baptisms in your family. Open up the photo album! What is something each member of the family could think about whenever you make the Sign of the Cross with Holy water, as a way to live more deeply your Baptism?


Third Sunday of Advent - December 17th:

Share a time when you choose your actions and words to be a reflection of Jesus.


Fourth Sunday of Advent - December 24th:

When have you thought "how can this be"?

How can you respond with trust, like Our Blessed Mother, the next time you are wondering "how can this be".


Solemnity of the Nativity of Our LORD - December 25th: 

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Is there one you would like to add?


Feast of the Holy Family -  December 31st: 

Ponder together as a family, what daily life looked with the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. How can you as a family imitate them in their choices for holiness in daily everyday life?


Solemnity of the Epiphany of the LORD - January 7th: 

Spend some time re-reading the Gospel on this Holy Day, and talk as family about how you can learn from the Magi to open your treasure and give honor to Jesus.


January 14th:

What are you looking for? Is there anything you can consider that is nothing compared to the abundant love of God?