“We, though many, are one body
                in Christ.” (Romans 12:5)


Beyond the Yellow Ribbon [BYR]

A way to assist our Veterans

Military life is complex for our soldiers, and those of us who benefit from their service sometimes take for granted the heroic challenges faced by our veterans and their families. After the loneliness of separation comes the complexity of reintegration: children grow; situations change; spouses become more independent – when our veterans return, things are just not the same. These struggles of absence and re-integration can be eased by a sympathetic and supportive community.

The Lakeville “Beyond the Yellow Ribbon” (BYR) campaign is actively seeking the involvement of local churches to help and honor our area veterans and their families who sacrifice a great deal to serve our country. Our police department and city government are actively engaging this initiative to help our neighbors who so honorably serve us. The Lakeville BYR wants to make sure our deployed men and women know that while they are on foreign soil, we will look out for their families as they anticipate their return to a welcoming and hospitable community.

One of the best ways our parish can show support for our troops is to help their families when they need a helping hand. If you, or a group of volunteers from All Saints can lift, tote, shovel, mow, make minor home repairs, or to simply provide moral support for the family of a deployed or returning veteran, what a service this would be!
Any veteran finds it heart-warming to see their community’s concern and their deliberate desire to involve the local churches.

If you are interested in more information or participation, please contact Bob Curtis at (952)-985-9800 | www.bobcurtisagency.com

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