All Saints Women's Emmaus Retreat  - 
Franciscan Retreat House in Prior Lake

Come Holy Spirit and Bless Our Work, Purify Our Lives, Strengthen Our Wills.

Women of All Saints are invited on An Emmaus Experience, A Retreat for Women.
How long has it been since you have asked yourself:

  • Who am I?
  • Is my faith important to me?
  • Where am I going?
  • Is Jesus part of my daily life?


Please plan to join us for the All Saints Women's Emmaus
Retreat the weekend of April 17-19.

Registration after Masses and in the parish office.

The retreat is based on the Gospel of Luke 24:13-35, the Emmaus reading, where two disciples returning to Emmaus encounter the Risen Lord. Similarly, the retreat offers an opportunity to encounter or rediscover Jesus in our lives and the importance of women ministering to women. It is a time to renew and deepen our relationship with the Lord as well as a vehicle to meet other women in the parish who are also looking for friendship. You will spend time hearing the Word, listening to the witness of other women and enjoying the companionship of other Catholic women. The Liturgy will be the high point of the weekend. Being free from the distractions of daily routine allows our whole self to be relaxed and our hearts open and able to listen to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Emmaus is a life changing experience. The All Saints Women’s Emmaus Retreat will be held at the Franciscan Retreat House in Prior Lake, where you will be able to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surroundings.
n Emmaus Experience is a setting aside a weekend for yourself while joining other women of the parish for a retreat where women gather together to be ministered to by other women. This annual retreat is for those women who wish to experience God, renew and deepen their relationship with the Lord and meet other women from the parish.

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